Two Unique Applications

One “free” to the health care organization to find your partners like a “B2B” matchmaker (SME’s Health Engagement Hub) and the other MySME Manager, to manage your projects and engagement with many different companies.

Organizational Roles 

Engagement Hub.  All organizations (based upon their administrative user) have access upon Registration to SME’s Health Engagement Hub.  In this application, once a company’s profile is submitted, the user can review other organizations, their profiles, and their posted Opportunities, creating exports, on demand.  Users can only see other company’s profiles and posted Opportunities after they have completed a simple profile of their own. 

MySME Manager.  Access to MySME Manager (on the right side of the home page), requires the organization to assume a specific business role identity because the use of the system involves one party proposing and/or funding engagements (a SPONSOR) and the other party performing them (a PARTNER). 

  •  Thus, during the Registration process, SME Administrators must determine if the applicant user is associated with a Sponsor or a Partner function.  A single organization could potentially play different roles under different circumstances, which will require a different business user email address for each role or company they represent. 
  • Before MySME Manager system access is granted, Sponsors will be asked to accept financial terms and a standard SME service agreement (which will be emailed to them);  Partners will receive access to MySME Manager more rapidly—and at no charge— and will receive a “Terms of Use” agreement with or without a Business Associate Agreement.