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Two Applications – One Login Page

Once your company is registered, you receive access to SME’s Health Engagement Hub and to MySME Manager using the same user name (your business email) and password.  You will receive an acknowledgement email from SME Administrators, which will contain an access link.

Both applications are behind the same login page. (See illustration below.)

Clicking on the left side of the home page, you get access to SME’s Health Engagement Hub, a free, No-Cost, No-Obligation way to identify health care businesses with similar interests who may want to partner on projects to evaluate clinical or innovation opportunities, after posting a company profile or engagement opportunity.

Access to MySME Manager is on the right side of the home page.  Companies may use MySME Manager to manage the Opportunity, gather the data, and coordinate the process.  Access is granted to organizations based upon their Organization Role.


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This is a business-to-business service to help companies find each other for Real World Evidence, Value Based Contracting or other commercial or quality engagements. We register organizations at the request of individuals associated with their organizations; we reserve the right to contact registrants to clarify the company or offering being proposed. Typically, we require the registrant to use a corporate email (rather than @aol, @yahoo, @gmail, @hotmail). If you have questions, ask for help at 1-844-763-6647 or email


We reserve the right to deny listings for any reason or no reason at all, based on what an organization is proposing to do or represents a solution that could be construed as fraudulent.  We are committed to non-facilitation of “fraud” or other offerings that (in our estimation) do not offer sufficient value.