Our Simple Mission

SME Health Systems promotes collaboration between health care stakeholders — fostering Safety & Medical Effectiveness—to maximize patient outcomes, reduce costs, and foster earned trust based on results.  Click on our Explainer Video below.

SME’s Health Engagement Hub

  • Online, “no-cost, no-obligation” technical B2B matchmaking service for commercial projects
  • Register your organization
  • Search for other organizations that “fit” your needs
  • Connect with potential partners
  • Confidentially post your organization profile, projects of interest
  • Make connections that may or may not progress into value exchange and consummated engagements

MySME Manager

SME’s proprietary, full-service technology-as-a-service, allows parties to cost-effectively manage very-simple or very-complex engagements, featuring …

  • Opt-in project approval / refusal
  • Document management
  • Transparency/Auditing
  • HIPAA Compliance
  • Data homogeneity
  • Tutorials (Online)
  • Reporting
  • Invoicing

We Offer You..

A way to manage all kinds of Engagements in today’s Health Care environment.

Use our Standard or Custom templates to stay organized, manage documents, collect or send data, invoice, and track your engagements.

Using the same template, Sponsors can invite as many partners to engage in the same project as they prefer, creating homogeneous cuts of data and more cohesive relationships with local decision makers at health payers or organizations.

From Simple to Very Complex…

MySME Manager contains three simple standard templates that support simple Fair Market Value projects such as those to cover time and materials in Project Meetings, Training, and data provision, as well as a basic Gain Share template.  We can also support very complex template needs around Value Based Reimbursements or Population Health RWE. 

Get Registered! It’s Easy! 

Provide some basic information on your organization, your email address, and phone number.  It’s easy and we can help get you started!  

Learn more from a brief Video by clicking on the “Getting Started” picture.  Or you can click on the Register Here button.  

Got a Question? Give us a call or send an email for more information.  1-844-763-6647 or Click on “Contact Us” to send an email to Info@smehealthsystems.com.