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A Massive Financial Transformation is Impacting the Health Care Ecosystem

US health care is a complex ecosystem, like a forest, and while each individual patient, doctor, or health organization must operate with others according to historical norms and quiet tolerance, each also competes and contends for resources, needing to find balance in order to thrive.

Today, health care professionals and their businesses must —in order to succeed under new reimbursement paradigms—collaborate with others to better understand what actually brings value versus what simply promises value. 

Value Based Reimbursements require that health organizations learn to share data, collaborate, peel back the hype and get to the facts.  This requires a sober review of options with continuous evaluation of “real world evidence” in order to tweak processes and find “best practices”. This requires engagement. 

“Talking about value-based care, you can’t look at it from a siloed perspective. It requires the participation of payers, providers, as well as purchasers and employers,” said Dave Briere, senior consulting manager within the strategy practice for Change Healthcare Consulting.   June 24, 2019. Healthcare Finance.  Morse, Susan.  

 SME Health Systems provides the basis for an innovative and evolving business model—one that advances Value Based Care, cutting-edge contracts and RWE Data management by streamlining the processes, organizing the data required by both parties, and providing a fulsome technical framework, supported by high-touch professional services.  MySME ManagerTM is the ONLY universal framework facilitating your engagement and contracting objectives with captured RWE.