Background Concept

SME Health Systems, LLC is a privately held US-based company, founded by Terri Bernacchi and a group of visionaries with experience working across the health care ecosystem: from payers to providers and health systems to clinicians and device or pharma/BIO manufacturers.  

We recognized that —while there is a lot of data out there—there is often a need for better clarity regarding the facts and context on the ground where clinical decisions are made.  It is here that patients and providers achieve outcomes, drive cost savings or overruns, and organizations face consequences. 

We offer an affordable technical platform with professional services to support engagement between the parties, allowing for projects or contracts between teams with mutual interests.  We enable the consistent transfer of data, provide a traceable trail, and manage the documents. 

We provide our clients with a scalable framework in which they can interact,  engaging in contracted projects of mutual interest.  Once a project sponsor chooses a template within the system, they can use that same template with as many other partners as desired. 

As the engagement proceeds, when the partner submits its data, there is a consistent format and process, allowing cross-environment analytics and site-specific insights for both sides.

MySME Manager features three standard “ready-to-use” templates and can support custom templates of almost any variety.  

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